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High Tech Topographical Surveying, Video Image Modeling, Billboard Cataloging (Market Visioning, Market Entry, Strategic Partnerships)

Our client is a $12 million corporation at the leading edge of UV laser wire marking and wire processing technology for use in the production of electrical wire harnesses in aircraft.

Our client is a diverse closely-held professional practice that applied innovative techniques that rendered their services either entirely or partly unique.

High Tech Topographical Surveying, Video Image Modeling, Billboard CatalogingHigh Tech Topographical Surveying, Video Image Modeling, Billboard Cataloging

High Tech Topographical Surveying

Our client developed a system of topographical surveying that permitted precise topographical mapping of road surfaces from the road side without the need for lane closure.

We secured a strategic partnership with the largest road maintenance group in Europe under terms that permitted our client to pursue direct sales to smaller customers not served by the strategic partner.

Video Image Modeling

Our client combined traditional surveying techniques and sophisticated digital imaging to the precise imaging of the insides and outsides of high risk buildings such as nuclear power stations. This permits the images to be used for planning emergency response, instructing emergency response teams and for the design of engineering changes or replacement. The system is also used for the precise imaging of offshore oil platforms before they are launched, permitting modifications and replacement structures to be designed and built without physical inspection and measurement.

We developed for our client a strategic alliance with the largest European nuclear power station owner/operator that offered the prospect of aggressive worldwide expansion.

Billboard Cataloging

Our client applied traditional topographical surveying techniques to billboard management and marketing by developing digital economic and demographic survey databases of billboards owned by their clients. We provided advice to our client on the structuring of contractual and operational arrangements with their clients.