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Alcoholic Beverages (Market Visioning, Brand Development)

Alcoholic Beverages Alcoholic Beverages

We present two operations: (i) our work for Angostura aromatic bitters and rums and (ii) our work in creating the Exotik vodka brand.

ANGOSTURA is a $230 million Caribbean manufacturer of alcoholic beverages and owner of the high profile brand ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters. Created 22-country European distributor network expected to propel revenues more than 500% in second year and introduced top-selling product line across Europe by leveraging piggyback distribution.

EXOTIK VODKA ( Through World Spirits & Wine Brands this ultra-premium vodka and flavored vodka range is produced in China. The brand targets the Cocktail markets of Europe and the USA and, in particular, the growing ABC1 Adult socio-economic group both male and female. The brand positions itself with Kettle One, also a maize-based vodka. World Spirits & Wine Brands is a network of foreign corporations that handle the administration, marketing & sales and logiatics operations for the brand.